Whether you’re an individual trying to ELEVATE your life to the NEXT LEVEL, or a small business owner who wants their VENTURE to THRIVE.

An elevated relationship with God will allow you to experience the abundant life He wants for you…

During this FREE audio program you will learn:

  1. 10 Steps to experience deeper spiritual INTIMACY with CHRIST.
  2. The lie that your lackluster spiritual existence is not holding you back from enjoying a FULFILLED life on every level.
  3. The secrets to AWAKENING your passionate SOUL, ENGAGING in a spiritual expedition of your HEART & RENEWING your MIND.
  4. That your SUPERNATURAL attraction to Jesus will supersede your natural attraction to money & things.
  5. That your desire to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL will inspire you to take care of your physical body.
  6. That your ignited desire to LOVE deeply and passionately will BEAUTIFY your relationships.
  7. How to have the JOY, ADVENTURE & LOVE you long for!

From the weekly email tips, you’ll receive:

  1. The ‘Think Tank’ – comments and questions to probe your mind;
  2. Higher-Ground Wisdom – Bite-sized chunks of Biblical wisdom on how to live Christ-focused;
  3. Solid Content on Three Topics – Mind Motion, Money Modus & Marriage Moxie (this applies to singles and marrieds as it focuses on relationships in general).

“Travis Fisher takes you along a spiritual journey that will guide you to a life of purpose and meaning. Discover Your Soul Rhythm provides over twenty biblical scripture readings that have directly impacted my life and motivated me to hear the truth and allow God to work through me to achieve my unlimited potential. I listen to it frequently as I drive to and from work. A remarkable inspiration to recharge our batteries and remind us what God has in store for us.” 

Bill Fabrocini PT, CSCS – Physical Therapist and Sports Performance Coach